Thursday, July 08, 2010

Temple Guys Releases 4th Video

The guys are back once again with another single called "Oak Huk". This would make it Temple Guy's fourth music video release this year. Out of all Indee Record artists, Temple Guys has made the most music video releases this year. I think this has to do with the fact that they are the only artist who has had an official album release for last year. 

As much as I like this song, I have to admit that this music video was one of their weakest so far. All they did was focus on Temple Guys sitting in a room and there was just nothing happening with a story. It's like they wanted to hurry and get a music video out or something. In my opinion, they should have made a music video for the song "Nam Ta" because this song is one of their best in the album. 

Temple Guys
"Oak Huk"
Released: 2010


  1. I'm always exited to see Temple Guys MV . Kimmy can really express his feeling through his songs, and best of all, he can really show viewers that he is not afraid of camera in all of his MV. This is what makes it more enjoyable to watch an artist who not only can produced great musics, but also can act as well in his MV.

  2. nothing changes for Indee

  3. Temple Guys--Oak Hak is choppy. I couldn't enjoy listening to it. Did they really make it to the top of list of best music? I don't know about that!


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