Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Lao Music Awards

Finally after a one year hiatus, the award ceremony honoring Lao music is making its come back! The Lao Music Awards was first introduced to us in early 2008 and it was a night that changed the history of Lao music. Lao artists from many different record companies gathered together as one as they attended the very first music award ceremony held at the Lao Cultural Hall.

2010 has been a very busy year for the Lao music industry with so many new songs and artists popping up. This is a good sign due to the fact that the 2008 awards faced criticism for having the same artists in every category. With more music there will be more varieties in each category and a better competition. 

Sengdara Communications has also released the promotional poster for the awards. I was very impressed with the overall look. It's much better designed than the 2008 version. The poster is designed with a gold theme accompanied with monuments that symbolizes Laos, the Patuxai and Pha That Luang. In the middle of the poster is a gold trophy shaped with a Champa flower at the top. There is also a red carpet leading towards the trophy. 

The event is due to make its premiere on February 2011

Official 2010 Poster
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2008 Lao Music Awards

Results from 2008
Best Album: Cells 
Most Popular Artist: Ting Phailavanh 
Best Female Artist: Aluna Thavonsouk
Best Male Artist: Ton Aniloud
Best Duo or Group: Secret
Best Rock Song: Waan - Cells
Best Hip Hop Song: E Yung Ga Dai - L.O.G
Best New Artist: Cream and Touly
Best Songwriter: Athisack Rattanavong 
Best Pop Song: Khuam Hou Seuk Bok - Aluna 
Best Country Song: Khoy Nong Mayam - Bounleua Valideth
Most Popular Song: Khon Meu Song - Cells ft. Nalin
Best Folk Song: Lam Siphandon - Viengphou Nounim
Best Song Producer: Soulinthon Khounsathon and Manoxay Keonakhon

Lao Cultural Hall


Official Website


  1. what about Temple Guys, Tee oudalai,Tuxedo,& Sithiphone?

    These are excellent artists too, besides Cells being my favorite Lao rock band.

    Ting Phailavanh for most popular artist? She can't even sing, she sounds like a mouse!& all of her songs sounded so cheap and so babyish!:(

    Lao USA,

  2. That was the results of 2008 awards. Temple Guys were not a group yet. As for Tee Oudalai and Sithiphone I have no information.

  3. QT for informing me about this :)

    Lao USA,

  4. This will be fun !!! Want to be there Feb 2011


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