Monday, August 16, 2010

Lang and Mouna Featured On Sangsun

Pop stars Lang and Mouna, a member of the duo DiVa, were both featured on the front cover of Sangsun Create Magazine for the month of July. They were given the title of the most popular artist for the month. Both artists were invited to have an interview along with a photo shoot session. 

The two singers are seen dressed very maturely in a business style theme or like some would call it very "GQ" and "Chic". Lang mentioned in his interview that because of the release of his new single, "Baeb Nee Thouk Kung", he has become very busy with projects. On the other hand, Mouna reveals that DiVa will be releasing a new single coming out in the near future. 

Lang and Mouna did a great job with the photo shoot. It even made me believe for a second that they were a real couple; however, they are probably just really great friends! 

Sangsun Photo Shoot
Issue #8 July 2010



  1. Hot and sexy girl!

  2. For a magazine the pictures are sort of blah to me, it looks like amateurs took them. However, both Lang and Mouna do look very cute together!

  3. Lang's first picture was not a good one, he should not put his finger in front of his mouth, it should be in front of his chin!

  4. the boy handsome,the girl look cute and her eyes so sexy

  5. ai lang so cool muna too der^^


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