Thursday, August 19, 2010

Neo Society Interviews May and Xtreme

Xtreme and May, both from KPY Entertainment, were featured and interviewed on a new television program called “Neo Society” on the Laostar channel.

Each member of Xtreme is introduced as Toh, Tou, Sam, Nick, and Pao. They talk about the meaning behind the band’s name as well as the release of their first single called, “Flirt”. 

Toh states, “Xtreme means being the best of the best and it goes along with their work ethics about using their abilities and knowledge to create something for everyone to enjoy”. Sam adds in that, “Xtreme is a pop/jazz band with a mix of everything like hip hop and electronic.” 

The band also thanks KPY Entertainment for giving them this opportunity to create and produce music for everyone.

Xtreme Interview

May’s interview with “Neo Society” took place at an eatery called Pricco. She talks about how she came into the entertainment business as a model and presenter for a company. She made it into the music scene after passing through singing auditions with KPY Entertainment. 

May discusses about her latest single, “I LUV YOU!”, and that the music video for it will be released very soon. Her full album is almost complete and is rumored to be released in late September. Other than work, May was asked about Lunk and what she looks for in the opposite sex.


  1. i bet you have just the extreme interview up first as a teaser then you gonna put up the
    May interview up later aren't you?

  2. Nong may looks so cute tho~~

  3. May interview is up now! Thank you to LaoFye for uploading it!

  4. ເມເປັນຄົນຫນ້າຮັກແລະມີສະເຫນຫຼາຍແລະການເວົ້າການວ່າຂອງລາວເປັນ

  5. You're welcome :). I hope you guys appreciate it b/c I have to wake up early to record the clip.


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