Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Video for "Hom" released!

With the release of their debut album last week Pull-T has finally released a music video to their first single titled "Hom".  The song has already hit radio charts in Laos!

The songs title "Hom" simply means "good smell" given off from a perfume. The guys sing about being attracted to these ladies with a "good smell". 

The music video features some very beautiful and cute ladies to fit with the song. The guys are all paired with one girl. 

Having been following Lao music since 2007, I must say Lao music videos have taken off dramatically this year! The production is getting very top quality and it just gets better! 


Pull-T Club - "Hom"
Indee Records 2010 


  1. It was so so, not thing exiting about the mv.

  2. ເຮັດຄືວ່າຊິມີແຕ່ຜູ້ຄັກໆໂຫ້ດໆນິ,ບັດເບິ່ງແລ້ວມີແຕ່ຂີ້ຕັ່ງໂບ້ຍທັງນັ້ນຂະ
    ຫນ້າດຜູ້ສາວຢູ່ໃນວິດີໂອ້ຍັງເບິ່ງເຕບເຊ້ບຢູ່,ຫ້ນາຊີ່ແອັກທ່າໃຫ້ມັນເບິ່ງ sexyຊະວິດຊະວັດແດ່ກະຊິພໍວ່ານຳຢູ່ດອກ!ຢ່າງຂີ້ລ້າຍກໍ່ທຳທ່າວ່າວິດີໂອ້ເພງນີ້ກ່ຽວກັບ nerd boys trying to get a "hot girl"? if only the producer made her look sexy & hot and have her acted hot & and sexy in for the video.
    I think it only make sense for this mv, because the song is not that good and those boys aren't kool,although they were trying to be, but they just don't have it! If you know what I mean.

  3. mv ສຸດຍອດ ເຫັນໝູ່ເປີດໃຫ້ເບິ່ງ ຄັກຫລາຍເດີ້

  4. so beautiful and nice mv! good

  5. 1# mv ສຸດຍອດ ເຫັນໝູ່ເປີດໃຫ້ເບິ່ງ ຄັກຫລາຍເດີ້
    2#so beautiful and nice mv! good

    LMAO hahahahaha..................................

  6. Please respect others opinions even if you don't agree with them. It is considered very rude to laugh at someones opinion. I do not appreciate this behavior on my blog.


  7. I don't dig the "easy going" girls in the MV. Kinda make the ladies in Laos look bad.