Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lang Clears Up 'Rumors'

Lang Sithpaseuth was recently featured on the cover of Update Magazine and also interviewed.

He was first asked about the rumors surrounding him with May and Mouna. He finds it funny and laughed saying he considers them like his little sisters and nothing more.

He talked about his first album and what happened to it as well as discussing his new song. Lang states his style is more pop, but this new single has a little of hip-hop/rap mixed in it. He also reminds his fans that the music video for “Baeb Nee Touk Kung” will be coming out soon and thanks them for all their support.

Lang explains that he got recruited by KPY Entertainment when he performed at a competition held by the company (although he did not take part in the contest). 

He says he really enjoys working with KPY because he gets along well with the other artists there. He says they are fun and easy to work with.

During his free time, he likes to play the guitar and play around with his camera. It’s possible that he might have an interest in photography. At the moment though, he isn’t doing anything else but focusing on his singing.

For the complete interview, check out Update Magazine issue #16.

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  1. First n second picture of Lang looks awesome with his face looking so innocent but at the same time he's naturally hot & sexy.
    He can be quite dangerous for those who's trying to keep their virginity,OUCH!!


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