Tuesday, October 05, 2010

KPY Adds a New Artist

Kpy Entertainment has unveiled a new singer by the name of Kataiy. His first single “Khon Dee Thee Jao Bor Huk” has already made its debut into the scene. The style of the song is soft rock. 

The song is about a person wondering if they went back to being a disloyal person, would the one they love return to them. They are trying hard to be someone perfect and good, but the significant other doesn’t seem to care and has found somebody new. 

You can learn more about Kataiy by reading the article below.
Facts in Lao:

Khon Dee Tee Jao Bor Huk

English Translation:
(Not very accurate but we tried our best!)
Romanized lyrics coming soon

Since the day we were together
We always loved each other
I still remember the promise
That the two of us had for each other
This day though everything has changed
The promise we once had for each other
I can't believe you forgot it

We loved each other for so long
You still want to leave me
And go with your new lover
You still gave your heart to them

If I'm not a good person and you don't love me
You don't care
Or do you need me to be a disloyal person
Today you will want to come back
And what will I do?
Being a disloyal person you'll probably come back
Come back to me like before

I feel like I can't breathe
Knowing that you have someone else
Because this heart of mine has only you
Every night it is lonely
Not having you by my side
Right now I cannot endure it
Each time I think of you and him


  1. cool nor... good singer kataiy

  2. not bad for soft rock & not bad looking either.
    I hope he can act in this MV, can't wait!

  3. wow he sounds thai... very good voice...cant wait

  4. What is Thai sound? Never heard of it!

  5. เพงกาบ่ม่วน

  6. "เพงกาบ่ม่วน

    please use ur ears listen to the song ... not ur ASS !!!

  7. yeah i think so... nice song and nice voice... su su Kataiy...

  8. i think that it's a very good start and debut as the artist, hope KPY Entertainment can make him be the NO.1 rock star in Laos, susu Kataiy and KPY

  9. I can't wait to see the mv for this. Love his voice and this song. Great job translating Laopop4u :)

  10. You can see Kataiy sing live every evening at Ton Muang Restaurant opposite Don Chan Palace. Very nice young man with a good voice.


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