Monday, November 01, 2010

Sith Releases New MV

Last week Bee from 5-4-U released his first solo single titled, "Because of You". Joining him is Sith who is also a member of this boy band from FanFam Entertainment

The song that he is presenting is called, "Natee Tee Leua Yu" or ນາທີທີ່ເຫຼືອຢູ່. In English the song title translates out to "The remaining minutes". It is a slow heart-break song about not having their lover by their side anymore. 

The music video concentrates on Sith and his girlfriend. Different clips are shown as a montage of their relationship. The story ends in a very tragic (but terribly acted) way. His girlfriend carelessly walks out in the open road and gets hit by a car. Ouch! 

MV Screenshots

Sith (5-4-U)
Natee Tee Leua Yoo / ນາທີທີ່ເຫຼືອຢູ່
FanFam Entertainment



  1. I'm gonna have to say it reminded me of a ship's about to sink!

    Lao-teen USA

  2. May I know the name of this artist who


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