Friday, December 24, 2010

Tik's 3rd Music Video Teaser

The teaser to Tik Keopaserts newest music video can now be seen on Youtube. This will make it the pop stars third single to be released from her debut album, New Me.

The single is called "Khor Thod Pheua Yung / ຂໍໂທດເພື່ອຫຍັງ" which in English translates out to "Sorry for what?". The song tells a story of a girl and a guys relationship. He ends up cheating on her and the girl is very aware of what is happening and the guy apologizes. She feels that his apologies are said without any meaning and just merely air coming out of his mouth.

The teaser shows mainly Tik inside of her bedroom. In some scenes you will be able to see sticky notes on her mirror and wall. The things written on the sticky notes are apologies from her boyfriend saying sorry for not being able to be there.
Tik Keopasert 
Khor Thod Peua Yung / ຂໍໂທດເພື່ອຫຍັງ
MV Teaser

Listen to the full track here:


  1. oohhh really good, i want to see full mv soon.

  2. " New Me " did it 4 me,not sure about this one!


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