Monday, July 04, 2011

Behind The Scenes Genii's New MV

After learning that the girls of Genii will be releasing a new 'cutesy' type of song, we are now able to catch a glimpse of what this trio group from Indee Records have in store for us.

In a video that was uploaded to Youtube we get to see the behind the scenes of their new music video 'Yark Fung Kham Wa Huk' which features rapper Alee from Pull-T Club.

The only scene we could get a glimpse of was the scene inside a restaurant where the girls are dancing behind the counter acting very 'cutesy'. Rapper Alee was also there reading from a menu.

Genii - Behind the Scenes
Yark Fung Kham Wa Huk | ຢາກຟັງຄຳວ່າຮັກ


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