Thursday, July 07, 2011

Super One Featured on Morning Woody

Lao singer Super One was recently shown on Thai television by Woody Milintachinda on his show 'Morning Woody'. Super One's single 'Sing Neung Tee Yark Khor', that was released last year in 2010, caught the eyes of Woody by surprise. 

Before showing clips of the music video he tells his audience that when he first watched it he was surprised to know this was a music video from Laos, though he doesn't tell them it was Laos until the clips are shown.  

He explains that the reason for him showing Super One's music video is because he feels that many Thai people have not yet seen this music video and wants them to get a chance to watch.

Later he talks about that in Asia there is K-Pop, J-Pop, Thai-Pop etc. and says that maybe one day Lao music can also be popular throughout Asia.  

Super One on Morning Woody

Super One
Sing Neung Tee Yark Khor
Lao Pride Records (2010)


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