Sunday, July 24, 2011

'Ngao' Official Music Video Released

At last the long awaited music video for 'Ngao' by the singer Tou has now released! The sad thing though is that we don't get to see what the actual singer looks like because he makes no appearance in the video.

The story focuses on two youngsters meeting each other on accident. The girl drops her passport at a cafe while a boy finds it. He then tries to find a way to return it but also admires her photo in the passport. 

They then meet again later and have some drinks. He finds out bad news that she is not from here and she will be leaving to go back home. He tries his best to look for her then finally finds her at the airport where she made a depature. 

At the beginning of the music video it shows scenes that actually happens after they meet showing that they are missing one another. 
Tou - Ngao
Official MV