Monday, August 01, 2011

Lao Stars Play in a Game Show

The television show 'Khon Ga Game Ta Sing Larng Wun' on Lao Star TV recently had a special with appearances from a variety of Lao singers and stars. It is a game show to test the strength of its players.

Appearances were made by stars that include Super One, Tot-Lina, Xtreme, Maz, Barbie, Bee, and Mew Caramel! The players were required to go through a variety of obstacles of which if they fail would land them in a pool of water. 

Catch the funny moments from each singers take on this game show below! 

Super One
(jung dai ga yung huk keu gao)

Nick Xtreme
(terng wa garm bor yai tae jai tem loy)

"ຕ້ອດລີນ້າຜູ້ທ້າຊີງຮອບໜຶ່ງ" ....??
(not sure exactly what she said)

Alee Maz
(hed dai took yarng)

(bor yarn yoo leo)

Mew Caramel
game khon ga torng ba ba keu nong