Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tot Lina Releases Her 3rd Single

Not long ago Tot-Lina released her second single "Khor Tod T Bor Ton" and now she's back to release her third single for her fans to listen to. 

Her newest single, "Woun Wai Gern Harm Jai" is very different from her previous single release. This single is an upbeat song accompanied with techno beats. 

She sings about falling in love with a guy who she falls in love with by the aroma of his scent. It's like love at first sight for Tot-Lina.

Check out Tot's latest single, "Woun Waiy Gern Harm Jai" below!

Woun Waiy Gern Harm Jai  |ວຸ້ນວາຍເກີນຫ້າມໃຈ
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