Friday, June 11, 2010

Revlon Launch Party

May and Anita were spotted at a Revlon event in Laos. Revlon is an American cosmetics company. The event showcased a fashion show and as well as pop singers.  Talk show host Vj Nutha was there as a spokesperson. Nutha is the host of the "Music Boom!" show. Other singers who showed up also were Aluna and Tar of A'pacts. Both had the chance to sing for the crowd. The event was held at the Talat Sao shopping center. 

Revlon Laos at Facebook

May's photo shoot

Anita's photo shoot

Singing Acts - Tar and Aluna



  1. They all looked so amazing!!

  2. i never known before that Aluna she can plays guitar. but i dont think she'd be good at it.

  3. they looks so gorgeous

  4. See more images of the Revlon Launch


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